Dynamic Tech Solutions Services


Low Energy Cabling

  • Phone

  • Data

  • Fiber

  • Access Control

  • Security

Dynamic is proud to have licensed Oregon LEA and LEB electrical technicians who are certified to install your communication cabling to the highest standards. No job is too small to be done right. Our team will ensure your network and security cabling is configured for your exact needs. 

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Since light signals can communicate over much further distances then standard copper cable can, Fiber placement and termination can be a great addition to your network. Any network that is spread out on a large campus or separated between office floors can benefit from the faster speeds offered by fiber optic cabling. Our team is certified with Leviton brand fiber termination systems. They can recommend, install and help maintain the best in fiber communications for the benefit of your business. 



Dynamic offers the latest and greatest with Honeywell Security Products. We will help you by designing a system that will give you peace of mind knowing your place of business is protected 24/7. Instead of charging for monthly equipment rentals, we provide the equipment directly to you for a low purchase price. This one time purchase makes up in the value you save.



Monthly security monitoring

We offer a variety of monthly monitoring services from full 24/7 perimeter monitoring to individual panic buttons for employees. Contact one of our design engineers so we can work with you on either transferring and upgrading your existing equipment or to create something designed exclusively for your needs. 

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Phone System Installations

Dynamic Tech Solutions is certified with NEC brand phone systems, but we also offer services for most dial tone based solutions. With IP, digital and analog options we can find the best solution for your business needs. 


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Camera Surveillance 

We strive to ensure your business remains safe and secure even when you are not onsite. During any event, 24/7 live and recorded video footage can help to protect your employees and property. We have solutions from single camera setups to multiple location unified user interfaces. We can help to fine tune and strive to meet your exact needs for any installation.  



We offer many years of experience in structured network cabling and will make sure your office is ready for anything. Our trained account representatives want to work with you to either reuse existing cabling or provide detailed upgrade plans based on your locations needs.

Internet Technology Support

We also offer, on retainer, a trained IT support company that will assist you with all of the server, work station and software support that your business will need in the years to come.